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Finance OS

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🏦 Take control of your Finances 🏦

With Finance OS you have full control of your personal finances, your budget and your income and expenses!

Create financial overviews, evaluate, track and manage your money! Keep an eye on your budget, manage your money and various bank accounts, categorize expenditures, discover new ways to save money, load current exchange rates, manage your finances on different devices, categorize your transactions, create recurring income and expenses and analyze your current and future finances! 

Finance OS

Finance OS includes 11 databases of personal financial management. You can customize everything in order to let the template fit your needs and work for you.

🏦 Bank Account create your bank vault inside Notion. Define a balance and start tracking your daily transactions. With the Finance OS you can add as many accounts as you want.

💵 Transactions a general database for all the transactions. Categorize everything in order to analyze over time how much you spend per category and understand if you have to decrease some expenses.

💰 Transfers made easy. Easily transfer money between your bank accounts and your goals.

💳 Card Management: Capture details of every card, be it credit, debit, or loyalty. Stay updated on limits, dues, and expiry dates.

🧰 Investments a template entirely dedicated to storing your investment transactions. Create a logbook of your past investments and track how they perform.

📋 Automatic reports every transaction will be auto-sorted and grouped to create a new page every month and year. Inside this page, there's a report displaying all the entries and expenses so you can have a financial overview of what you did in that period.

🪙 Savings reduce useless expenses and save money for your wish list or for future investments.

🎯 Budget by categories help to track all your expenses

📺 Advanced Subscription Management. Advanced subscription tracker that connects with your accounts. It tells you your last payment and your upcoming payment as well. Plus it tells you the total money you spent till now.

📆 Monthly and Yearly Overview. See your incomes and expenses by month and year.

🎯Achieve your Financial Goals. Save up for your wish list and lower your debts

What does the Finance OS includes?

  • Income tracker
  • Expenses tracke
  • Bank Accounts management
  • Category management
  • Bills and subscriptions tracker
  • Financial goals and budget
  • Wishlists
  • Wish List Tracking
  • Account fund transfers
  • Monthly and weekly report
  • Dashboard view
  • Lights & dark mode
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Lifetime access
  • Udpates included

Why choose Finance OS?

  • Powerful Budget Planner: Effortlessly track and manage your expenses with this comprehensive budget planner. Stay within your means, as Pecunia's live display instantly alerts you when you're overspending.
  • Subscription Tracker: Take charge of your spending habits by keeping tabs on all your subscriptions. Easily identify unnecessary expenses and save money by knowing where you can cut back.
  • Centralized Financial Management: Pecunia brings all your financial aspects under one intuitive dashboard. Manage your Wishlist, effortlessly handle your cards, recharge them, effectively track your accounts, income, and expenses, and keep a close eye on your investments and their performance.

What problems Finance OS solves?

  • Multi-Account Management: Managing accounts from different sources, including PayPal, cards, and Banks
  • Efficient Expense Tracking. Finance OS streamlines the process, making it easy to monitor your spending efficiently.
  • Effective Income Management. Managing multiple income streams can be overwhelming.

    A clear view of your current transactions

  • Expense and Income Categories. Customize and categorize your transactions effortlessly.
  • Subscription Management: Subscription services are convenient, but they can add up quickly.
  • Monthly Financial Summaries: Access concise monthly reports that provide a quick financial overview.
  • Automated Transaction Records: Forget manual transaction recording and categorization.
  • Financial Goal Setting: Set clear financial objectives and track your progress toward them.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: Experience improved productivity and efficiency in managing your finance

Finance OS Key Features

  • Budget Planner
  • Subscription Tracker
  • Card Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Account Management
  • Transfer Capability
  • Categorized Income Tracking
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Wishlist Management
  • Monthly Analysis
  • Income Tracking
  • Yearly Evaluation

Finance OS is compatible with Phone, Tablet and Mac/PC Laptop.



  • Versatility: Suitable for individuals, professionals, freelancers, or anyone seeking to enhance productivity and goal attainment.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and customisable sections make it accessible to both Notion beginners and experienced users.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines goal-setting, task management, and progress tracking in one centralised location.
  • Adaptability: Tailorable to suit specific needs, preferences, and evolving goals over time.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encourages regular reflection, iteration, and refinement of strategies for ongoing success.

Optimized for all devices

All pages are specifically designed to work on any screen, including standard laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Light mode & dark mode

The whole template is designed to perfectly work in both light and dark mode to let you choose what you prefer.

Video guides & instructions

Get an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to help you set up your template in less than 10 minutes.


  • What is Notion?
    Notion is a comprehensive and fully-integrated workspace that simplifies note-taking, task management, project planning, and organization. Designed with versatility in mind, Notion offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates productivity and maximizes efficiency. Whether you're a writer or a project manager, Notion is the ultimate workspace to help you get things done.
  • What is Notion template?
    Notion templates are ready-made components that can be imported into your Notion workspace to optimize your productivity. These templates are tailored to specific needs, such as project management, task tracking, or note-taking. By utilizing Notion templates, you can streamline your workflow and accelerate your productivity in no time.
  • How I will receive a template?
    Click "I want this" button and Duplicate this template to your Notion workspace.
  • Notion has a Free plan?

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Manage and track your Finance in one place and Take Control of Your Finances with the Notion Ultimate Finance Board Template Start tracking your incomes, expenses, budgets, and more with this comprehensive Ultimate Finance Board Notion Template today!

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Finance OS

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